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Linkin Park
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Young Buck (ft. Chester Bennington)
Posted by Hahninator on 07 Feb 2007 12:08 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
"I think I created a masterpiece here. You know you have to reinvent yourself every time you come out. I put my heart in it and I think my fans are gonna love it. I even did a song with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. I'm telling you this album is crazy," states Young Buck. The album was co-executive produced by 50 Cent and Sha Money XL.


Wow. We all totally expected a verse from Mike. I can't wait for this.

Rob LPU Chat Transcript
Posted by Hahninator on 06 Feb 2007 03:43 am
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Linkin Park
I thought we'd have it up earlier, but yeah here it is. Thanks to SergSlim from the LPU.

Click Read More to view it all.

Some things he confirmed:
-LPTV 1 kickoff hopefully before the end of February
-Single sometime in March probably
-the band is still selecting songs to go on the album...they are having a select number of songs mixed for the album, then mixing a few more after that and selecting what ones will go on the CD
-there will be no drum solos on the CD, but there might be a guitar solo
-LP is apparently planning to play some of the first songs ever written live with some new songs
-they have written over 100 songs and they've got 25 ready to mix


More Release Date Speculation and Random Info
Posted by Hahninator on 03 Feb 2007 06:03 pm
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Linkin Park
MTV Germany says it'll be April 27 for Germany....NME erased the April 30/May 1 date and replaced it with "spring 2007".

Meanwhile, the Linkin Park publicist told MTV that the album will NOT be released on May 8 (UPDATE MTV's news post has been edited and now says the album will NOT be released on April 30th)(as if any of us would have ever picked that date :P).

"Despite what you may have heard, Linkin Park's long-awaited new album will not be hitting stores May 8. This is according to the band's publicist, who told MTV News that while LP have settled on an in-store date for their third studio album, they are not announcing it yet, though they plan to do so in the near future. Earlier this week, the band posted on its MySpace page that the first single from the Rick Rubin-produced album would hit airwaves in March, though no title was given for the track." -MTV

We should probably know it soon. I expect it in the next 2 weeks.

Lastly, the Paris show will happen, but isn't confirmed by the band yet. Tickets went on sale this morning for the show, so you can get them now.

LP to Play Nova Rock 07
Posted by Hahninator on 03 Feb 2007 02:15 am
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Linkin Park
LP has been confirmed to play at the Nova Rock Festival 2007, in Nickelsdorf/Burgenland, Austria at the Pannonia Fields II.

The Festival takes place from June 15-17.

Source: Nova Rock Site

Thanks to Chesterchaz for the info.

LP Album date
Posted by Energy on 02 Feb 2007 12:45 am
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Linkin Park
April 30th --- 30.04.07
According to NME, that's the day to rock!

Thanks l3v17

Coheed and Cambria + LP = P:R 07?
Posted by nkramar on 01 Feb 2007 11:54 pm
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Linkin Park
Ultimate Guitar posted an interview with Claudio Sanchez from the band Coheed and Cambria today, which talks about his recent solo album, the upcoming Coheed album, and a bunch of other stuff. But there's one interesting little tidbit that Claudio mentions in his answer to the last question:

What else can fans expect from Coheed or Prize Fighter in 2007? Perhaps a tour?

Oh, without a doubt. There’s so much up in the air that we’re kind of looking at, possibly the Warped Tour. There’s a tour called Projekt Revolution that’s a possibility. It’s really hard to say. We’ll see. We’re just taking it kind of one step at a time. Right now, the real focus is getting our record done. But we will tour, without a doubt.


Thanks to Astat for the tip!

Note from Phoenix
Posted by Hahninator on 31 Jan 2007 06:17 am
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Linkin Park
My turn to post some news tongue

Straight from, a note from Phoenix!

"Linkin Park Fans,
What’s happening? We have quite a bit of news for you.
Firstly, our new album has officially entered the “mixing stage” of the process. We have put more into the new album than anything we have ever done before. After over a year of writing, recording, and setting unrealistic finish dates for the record (sorry about that!), we are in the home stretch. The new album is very exciting for the six of us, and we can’t wait until everyone can hear it! When can you get your first taste? We are looking to release the first single in March.
Some of you may think you have already heard some new music; not true.
You have heard either Qwerty, or Announcement Service Public… both tracks that came out of our recording process, but neither of which will be on the album. They are currently available on this year’s LPU CD, go check out
Also, get ready for LPTV. We are going to be releasing a series of internet webisodes on that will give a history of Linkin Park, as well as an inside look at the studio experience with the new album. LPU members will have access to extended footage on almost all of the LPTV episodes.
Lastly, for all of you street teamers, we will be opening the team in the coming months to all you who believe in us, and want to help us spread the word look out for more coming soon on how to join.
I can’t wait until you can all hear the new music!"

LPU Newsletter - single info
Posted by Jon on 30 Jan 2007 11:39 pm
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Linkin Park
New Lpu Newsletter states...
You heard it first on LPU.... the first single from Linkin Park's highly anticipated new album will be released in March! You can also expect some exciting new content from the band in the near future, including brand new LPTV episodes that will give you an inside look at the past and present of Linkin Park. As a bonus, LP Underground will get extra footage that won't be available anywhere else. More info coming soon!

Click read more for full newsletter

Hit The Deck & Bode Broad Art Shows
Posted by Jon on 30 Jan 2007 10:51 pm
Fort Minor icon
Fort Minor
Mike Shinoda will be lending his skills to various art exhibits in the next couple months. He will be designing a skateboard deck for Hit The Deck, an original art showcase of artists from around the world using skateboard decks as the medium. Hit The Deck will be held during February 13th - 15th at the Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Part of the proceeds from the sale of Mike's skate deck will go towards his art scholarship at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

In addition, Mike will be customizing his own painted "Bode Broad" figure which will be displayed at the Bode Broad show at The Showroom in NYC on March 10th. More shows soon to come in San Francisco and Los Angeles; check out the Bode Broad website for details.

To purchase Mike Shinoda art from his recent art show "Diamonds Spades Hearts & Clubs", go to

Linkin Park going to Download Festival 07
Posted by Energy on 30 Jan 2007 07:26 pm
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Linkin Park
Just confirmed, LP will be performing in the UK at the Download Festival in the uk. The band will be appearing on the Saturday. Can't wait!

(thanks jaxxy! Jaxxy said Zane Lowe, the BBC radio announcer was really nice about LP!)

LPU Chat with Rob
Posted by nkramar on 26 Jan 2007 10:15 pm
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Linkin Park
Rob Bourdon will be chatting with LP Underground on Monday, February 5th at 4pm PST. Now’s your chance to ask Rob about the progress of the next Linkin Park record, what they’re currently doing in the studio, and any other LP-related questions you may have for Rob.

Source:LPU News Post

Linkin Park on Rock am Ring & Rock im Park 2007 Lineup
Posted by nkramar on 26 Jan 2007 10:12 pm
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Linkin Park
Linkin Park will be performing at Rock am Ring in Germany scheduled for June 1st through 3rd, 2007.

Source: Rock am Ring Website

And thanks to the LPA's post, we know they're also set for Rock im Park too.

Young Buck of G-Unit to work with an LP member on his new CD
Posted by Hahninator on 25 Jan 2007 10:36 pm
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Linkin Park
Young Buck of G-Unit has confirmed today on Hot 97 that he will be working with a member of Linkin Park for his next album. The album is titled Buck The World, and will be released March 20th, 2007, on Cashville/G-Unit/Interscope Records. This track cannot be found on the leaked versions of Buck The World.

It will probably be Mike since Fort Minor opened a show for 50 Cent overseas in 2006 ;)

Thanks JNuts

Club Tattoo Expanding
Posted by nkramar on 25 Jan 2007 03:20 am
Dead By Sunrise icon
Dead By Sunrise
Club Tattoo has recently announced plans to expand to a new location set to open in September of next year, this time branching out of Arizona to Nevada with a location in the Cosmopolitan Resort|Casino in Las Vegas.

Source - Club Tattoo News page or Club Tattoo's MySpace Page

Note: Club Tattoo's web site has undergone a redesign. For those who haven't seen it in awhile, be sure to check it out.

May 30 - LP in Paris?
Posted by Hahninator on 25 Jan 2007 12:47 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Linkin Park - Paris, France - May 30th, 2007 - Bercy


Still a rumor, but that actually looks like a real date to me. Bamboozle is earlier in the month and a European tour after that makes sense. Thanks to CrazyLP for the image.

Link to Bercy Official Site

The site doesn't show it yet but maybe they can't put it up on the web until the band announces a tour schedule ;) And it's confirmed that the band has a rough tour schedule set for 2007, so maybe it IS real. Maybe a new album promo tour like they did with Meteora? ;)

Happy Birthday, Rob
Posted by nkramar on 20 Jan 2007 03:48 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
LPFuse wishes Rob Bourdon a very happy 28th birthday.

Feel free to leave your birthday wishes in comments. Who knows... Rob might actually read them. smile

Qwerty sample on TRL Germany
Posted by Jon on 16 Jan 2007 10:52 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
YouTube link

TRL Germany presented a exclusiv Qwerty Demo at the show.Watch it at youtube. After that a german rapper comment about it.

thats what he said:

Moderator: you havent heard that yet?

Sido: no but it sounds like all their other doesnt touch me... and when he starts to shout i already have turned it off.

Moderator: really?

Sido: i cant hear that shouting. i like listening to guitarmusic...but the voice must be good like evanesence. you know? the woman sings good but that guy (chester) doesnt sing good. but the rapper isnt good too.
Moderator: so mike shinoda just trys to rap?

Sido: i dont know him. i dont know who is rapping

Moderator: is just the guy....he had that fort minor solo thing

Sido: ah fort minor sucks too

"All right i just have to say that all LP Fans shouldnt care about this comment. He is a really bad rapper who thinks he rule germany. All right and he doesnt know about good music.He is just jealous cause Lp sold more cds than him in his whole very "successful career".I can say that cause im german and i really hate his "music". - Mrs Hahn"

Source: Mrs Hahn on LJ

LP to work with David Campbell on the new CD
Posted by Hahninator on 13 Jan 2007 01:30 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
As you all know, LP worked with David Campbell on Breaking the Habit when they were making the Meteora CD. He assisted them with all sorts of things with the song, ranging from strings to keyboard.

Alright, so after some searching by kay86 of the LPU, he discovered that David Campbell is working with the band on the new CD too.

If you go to his SITE, you'll see that the new Linkin Park album is under his 'Current Projects' list.


Linkin Park's own channel? Sort of...
Posted by LPPanther on 12 Jan 2007 01:01 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park reports that Linkin Park will soon have it's own broadband/mobile media channel through a company that Warner is teaming with called MobiTV.

"Beginning in February, MobiTV subscribers will be able to view unique video programming conceived and created by music artists. Linkin Park will be one of the first participants and the band will direct original video programming to populate their own MobiTV channels."

Click Read More to read the whole article.

Update & Goodbye Jon
Posted by Energy on 10 Jan 2007 08:37 pm
LPFuse icon
Hey all,
Well I'm back (for a few days at least), and this post is a bit of good and bad news. First off, I'm sorry I've been away over the holidays. Main issue was the internet connection at my home was rubbish, anyway I'm back now, fighting fit. I'll be about for a few days (until the 16th Jan) I'll then be gone for a week. That week I'll be in San Francisco. It's my first visit to the states, so I'm looking forward to it. If you're in the area keep an eye out for me. Once I'm back I will make it up to all you guys!

It seems Nick and Mark have been keeping you up to date with the world of LP, however we've got lots of stuff going on to make the build up to this album better than ever. I hope to get both Nick and Mark really active in this site, so get used to their names.

However time for the bad news, Jon (Jonandbt), has decided that the time has come for him to leave the site. I have known for quite a while now that Jon is not as enthusiastic about Machine Shop Recordings as he once was. Jon is very busy with other commitments outside of the world of the web as well as many online commitments.

To me, this is really sad to write, as Jon has been involved with the site from birth. He befriended me in the LPU and I consider him a good friend. To me, LPfuse loses something very special with his departure.

I hope Jon will still visit the site and see what's going on. I would like to give him a big thank you for all the work he's done, and I look forward to working with him in the future on other projects.

So from LPFuse a huge, heartfelt goodbye
and a good luck for the future.

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