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A bit more info on What i've Done Release dates
Posted by Energy on 11 Mar 2007 03:22 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
I'm not sure if this has been posted before, however it'll be useful if you haven't read it yet.

Drowned in Sound reports about the new album and adds at the end: A single, 'What I've Done' will be the first track stripped from the album like a rotting piece of doner meat and served up for consumption to a presumably inebriated world populous. It's out digitally on April 2nd, then physically on May 7th. Imagine that sitting in your stomach for a month.

So digital release: April 2nd
CD Single release: May 7th

My birthday is May 12th. I'm 21, it's going to be a great birthday I can tell.
Thanks to L3 v 17 for giving me the info

Mike's comments on
Posted by Energy on 10 Mar 2007 11:10 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
big news :)
yes, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, like the doomsday clock. don't take that at face value. there are layers of meaning, most are metaphoric. yes, "what i've done" is the first single. again, not face value.

no, not emo. also, not rap rock, not nu metal, not metal, not punk, not scene, not hip hop, not classic rock, not polka, not any other lame label

yes, may 15th.

anyway, thanks for sticking around and being here for the big news. we love you guys, and can't wait for you to hear the new music!

A member also comments on there being a 6 minute solo on the album, mike replied with:
the solo isn't 2 minutes. but i think it gets the point across in about half that time. we were excited to have broken the 6 minute mark on that song, though...

LPTV Monday? - Brand New trailer!
Posted by Energy on 10 Mar 2007 10:24 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park is stating that the fun LPTV will be hitting the web this monday. After that preview leak we had a few months ago, all I say is about time! Consider this as unconfirmed but it's pretty likely.

Brand New Trailer

Thanks ChesterChaz
(& I believe was the source of the trailer)

"What I've Done" shot
Posted by Energy on 10 Mar 2007 03:12 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Director Mr. Hahn best known as the DJ in multi-Platinum group Linkin Park oversees the action with DP Max Goldman (center) and other crew members on the set of his band's new video "What I've Done." This will be the first video off the forthcoming Linkin Park album, Minutes To Midnight.

check out an image of the making here

Oh and we're working on a new design, more information coming soon!

A Note From LPFuse
Posted by nkramar on 07 Mar 2007 01:30 am
LPFuse icon
With the latest Linkin Park album details being released, now might be a good time to remind LPFuse readers of a long-standing policy: under no circumstances are official materials to be linked to or asked for on this site.

We understand all of you are excited and for good reason.

In today's music scene, leaks are commonplace and sometimes unavoidable as we've just recently seen. The LPU 6.0 CD made the rounds a week or so prior to their sale at Best Buy stores in the US as part of their exclusive package. Already, there are quite a few comments about leaks of the single or the CD in the various news posts. This will not be tolerated here.

Part of being a fansite means following certain rules, no matter how much we may want to hear new tracks. The admin and staff of this site have worked very hard over the years to bring you exclusive media and the hottest news before all of the other sites, even though there hasn't been much for awhile now. Please take this into account before breaking a rule that every hardcore LP fan should be able and willing to follow.

Support LP, buy the album, go see their shows and read all about them here at LPFuse.

Possible P:R 2007 Date?
Posted by nkramar on 07 Mar 2007 12:08 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
LPU member kimmie420 has posted about a possible date already set for Projekt Revolution 2007 in Dallas, TX for August 5th at the Smirnoff Music Centre at Fair Park.

I have to stress - until completely confirmed, this is nothing more than a very early rumor. An interesting one nonetheless...

As for some other possible news, My Chemical Romance has been named as a band to possibly be playing on P:R 07 -

...With "Minutes to Midnight" finally complete, Linkin Park is already in rehearsals for an extensive tour slate, beginning with a May 6 appearance at New Jersey's Bamboozle Festival. Delson declined to reveal specifics, but has learned the band will reprise its Projekt Revolution tour later this summer, likely alongside My Chemical Romance...


LINKIN PARK dot com changes
Posted by Jon on 06 Mar 2007 09:20 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
As pointed out in the comments, the Linkin Park website is changing again. It now displays a countdown til the release date, which as of the time this was posted, was 99940 Minutes til Midnight.

Nothing more substantial added but we'll keep you updated.

Minutes To Midnight - LPU Email
Posted by Jon on 06 Mar 2007 07:03 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
First single - What I've Done
Album name - Minutes To Midnight
Release Date - 15th May

Linkin Park's much-anticipated new album, Minutes to Midnight, will be in stores on TUESDAY, MAY 15! If you are outside of the US, you can find the album in stores on MONDAY, MAY 14.

Expect to hear the first piece of brand new music starting on April 2, when the new single "What I've Done" will be released.

"We have put more into the new album than anything we have ever done before," says bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell. The band spent over 14 months in the studio and wrote more than 100 song demos in the making of Minutes to Midnight, an album which vocalist Mike Shinoda sees as, "a breakthrough in the development of the band's sound."

Mark your calendars for Minutes to Midnight on May 15!

Comments are working again...
Posted by Energy on 04 Mar 2007 03:50 pm
LPFuse icon
Hey I've implimented a system that will hopefully keep most spammers out, we'll see how it goes. So go and thank mark & nick for their amazing show on their newspost, and email or IM if you have any problems with the system.

Linkin Park - Mountain View 2004 full recording
Posted by Hahninator on 04 Mar 2007 12:08 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Linkin Park fans....I would like to present you all...a full, lossless recording of Linkin Park at Mountain View, California on the last show of Projekt Revolution 2004 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Many LP fans have spent months, even years, searching for this show. We've emailed tapers near and far, from here and there and we've had no luck. Finally, someone came through after all this time. The taper gladly told me he'd send me the show and I could seed it. We can now proudly present the only full recording of Linkin Park on Projekt Revolution 2004.

What makes this show so special you ask? There are many are some:

This is the only show that Linkin Park played A.06 on in all of 2004. They have only performed it three times ever, and one was at this show. Also, they do their own rendition of Guns N Roses's 'Sweet Child O Mine'. This is one of the best sounding shows and one of the best performances by Chester I've ever heard in my life.

Please enjoy this newly released show.

You can download it at DIME right now, but we're uploading it to other sites soon. Enjoy!

A direct download is also available, click here.
And here.

Posted by Energy on 27 Feb 2007 10:39 am
LPFuse icon
Hey all, thanks for emailing me about the comments. I know they're not working, mainly because once again we had a spamming bot go mental and fill our comment file with crap and crash the system.


So for the next couple of days (while I get some assignments sorted) comments are restricted to owners of LPFuse accounts (that means you need a password for your username). This will only be like this for as short as possible until I can put something to stop the blooming spammers! :D

Probable CD Release Date
Posted by Hahninator on 27 Feb 2007 12:53 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
May 1st, 2007
I'm willing to bet on it.

Best Buy Online Store

Best Buy even has a Special Edition listed for it and has it listed as May 1st, 2007. Best Buy sold the LPU package for the first time in December and is guaranteed to be selling the new LP CD...and I trust them whenever they put dates up, so I bet this is the date right here.

Of course, no official confirmation, but we'll see.

New picture of the band + new logo
Posted by Hahninator on 24 Feb 2007 11:55 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park

interesting but different...

Man they're growing up fast!

Edit: added a bigger, official new logo.

More Shows!
Posted by nkramar on 22 Feb 2007 11:54 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
From the latest LPU email newsletter:

Linkin Park will be touring in Europe - Check out the dates below to see when Linkin Park will be performing in your country and when tickets will be available. Click below for more...

Thanks to ChesterChaz and PushingMe for the heads up on the email.

Slow Your Roll - Young Buck (feat. Chester Bennington)
Posted by Hahninator on 17 Feb 2007 12:29 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
The title of the Young Buck track featuring Chester Bennington is going to be called "Slow Your Roll".

"I got a record with Chester Bennington titled "Slow Your Roll." It will probably be my third single. It's probably the realest record I ever wrote in my life, every word, every rhyme, every lyric when you hear it it's true and I guarantee you will lose your breath," Buck told SOHH.

Source is SOHH, Credit to LPProjekt and JNuts of MSS

Valentines Day
Posted by Jon on 14 Feb 2007 07:50 pm
LPFuse icon
Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy the day and don't give into commercialism!


Its V.Day Celebrate. Drink apple-cider and smell roses!

LP in Lisboa
Posted by nkramar on 13 Feb 2007 12:27 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Linkin Park is scheduled to play the Alive Festival, yet another date with Pearl Jam.

LP will be performing on June 8th. Other bands confirmed include Smashing Pumpkins and the Beastie Boys.

Thanks to kay86 from


LP confirmed for Pinkpop and Italy
Posted by Hahninator on 08 Feb 2007 11:20 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
LP has been confirmed to headline the Pinkpop Festival with Snow Patrol in Holland from May 26 to May 28.

They have also been confirmed to play the Heineken Jammin’ Festival in Italy, opening for Pearl Jam on June 15.

More shows, hooray!
We hope to hear about even more shows to be announced soon.

LP in Poland
Posted by nkramar on 08 Feb 2007 02:08 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Just added to the LPU News:

Linkin Park will be touring in France, Germany, the UK, Austria, and Poland! Check out these dates below to see when Linkin Park will be performing in your country. Some dates are already on sale so get it now.

May 30: Paris, France @ Bercy
June 1: Nurburgring, Germany @ Rock AM Ring
June 2: Nuernberg, Germany @ Rock IM Park
June 9: Donnington, UK @ Download Festival
June 13: Chorzow, Poland @ Stadion Slaski – LP as Special Guest on Pearl Jam date
June 16: Nickersdorf, Austria @ Novarock

Bert McCraken on Faint
Posted by LPPanther on 07 Feb 2007 03:25 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Well it's been 3 years since it happened but we finally have it - A video of Bert McCraken of The Used singing Faint with LP during Projekt Revolution 2004. This came from "Berth", a DVD from The Used which was released just today. If you have any idea what show this is from please leave us a comment. As far as we can tell, we are the first LP site making this clip available. Just a little treat for all our loyal Fuse readers.

Watch the video here. (UPDATED: new version with no stutters)

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