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Thanks for the M2M support
Posted by Jon on 27 May 2008 11:40 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
"To all the fans who have supported Minutes To Midnight since its release one year ago, my bandmates and I would like to give you a gift –"

Mike posted on the site. Its a collection of alternative album covers for M2M

Simon, aka Energy
Posted by Jon on 12 May 2008 08:56 am
LPFuse icon
To all of those regulars here, you may know that Simon puts a lot into this site, and is usually unbearably busy with Uni work too. What you may not know is that today is Simon's birthday.


SOB feat. Rza of Wu Tang Clan
Posted by Jon on 09 May 2008 11:05 am
Styles of Beyond icon
Styles of Beyond
" Styles of Beyond featuring RZA of Wu Tang
www. myspace. com/stylesofbeyond

"Don't Feel Bad" produced by, and featuring RZA...

that shit is classic!

go listen, and add them, if they're not already your friends."

from an Apathy bulletin.

GLORIOUS EXCESS (BORN) [Mike Shinoda Art Show - LA]
Posted by Jon on 09 May 2008 07:19 am
Fort Minor icon
Fort Minor
Mike Shinoda will be holding an art show at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles from July 11 to August 3! Here's a message from Mike discussing his upcoming art show on

"Thanks to all of you that have supported my art and asked when I'll be doing another art show... I'm proud to announce the opening of a new solo exhibition.

I will be showing a new collection of paintings and digital works at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles from July 11 to August 3. JANM is right next door to MOCA, on 1st Street in LA.

The new show is entitled "GLORIOUS EXCESS (BORN)."

It will feature nine new works. The pieces are larger and the content deeper than any art series Ihave done. DC shoes is partially sponsoring the event. There will be an opening and a signing. More info to come..."

Holly's UK Tour cancelled
Posted by Jon on 08 May 2008 12:34 am
Holly Brook icon
Holly Brook
Well, I'm pretty bummed to read in Holly's blog on her MySpace that the UK tour is cancelled, as I'm sure Energy will be also. One of the few shows I was planning to follow to all destinations...

Just a heads up to those of you who were hoping to go.

Holly Brook teams up with Duncan Sheik
Posted by Jon on 05 May 2008 01:20 am
Holly Brook icon
Holly Brook
I was looking around on Playbill News and saw that Holly's been doing some more work with Duncan recently. Some of you may remember her blogging about this on her MySpace, but for more information and the full article, click Here or 'read more' below.

"The reading will feature Robin Weigert (Broadway's Noises Off, HBO's "Deadwood"), Matthew Gumley, Arthur Acuña, Dan Bittner and an actor to be named. Playing the ghosts (who are also the lead singers and musicians) are popular indie rockers David Poe and Holly Brook."

New Holly song
Posted by Jon on 03 May 2008 10:37 pm
Holly Brook icon
Holly Brook
If you check out Steven Sater's MySpace, there is a song called Song For The Angels, written by Steven and sung/performed by Holly.

Credit to the mamadukes of hazards, CandyK

Steven Sater says: "that recording was from a few years ago. actually, i met holly through the composer of that tune, brian byrne (i wrote the lyrics). some time later, quite independently, duncan met her. and then she and i finally met in person."

CandyK says: It was recorded 3 or 4 yrs ago, while Holly was negotiating a deal with MS.
Brian Byrne did the piano and music, Steven Sater the lyrics. She did a couple more but by the time there were more to record, she was signed so no more was done.
SO . . . she actually knew Steven Sater's lyric work before she got involved with Duncan and his Spring Awakening tour stuff. But of course, she's been a fan of Duncan for years.

Dead By Sunrise Live Debut
Posted by Energy on 22 Apr 2008 01:57 pm
Dead By Sunrise icon
Dead By Sunrise
According to the official Julien-k message boards anyone attending the club tattoo show will be the first lucky people to witness Dead By Sunrise's live debut. This is even more reason to get over to club tattoo. Details of the event are here

Someone take me with you!

Neil points out that Chester has put a similar message on his personal blog... including that he's tempted to upload a recording of the show if enough fans want it. So get posting comments on the topic to convince chester that it is what we want :)

Lithuania and Latvia dates announced
Posted by Jon on 22 Apr 2008 08:04 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park

Linkin Park will be performing in Vinius, Lithuania on June 10 (tickets) and in Riga, Latvia on June 11 (tickets)! Tickets go on sale April 28 (local time) for both shows. Be sure to get your tickets to see Linkin Park live!

Get ready - Linkin Park presents Projekt Revolution 2008 with Chris Cornell, The Bravery, Ashes Divide, Atreyu, 10 Years, Hawthorne Heights, Armor For Sleep, and Street Drum Corps. Tickets for select dates have already gone on sale for these dates at and

Fans attending the shows will have the option to purchase a Digital Souvenir Package that has a live audio download, exclusive concert photos from that night, and a digital tour program.

No Roads Left for Single Petition
Posted by Energy on 22 Apr 2008 02:52 am
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Some fans have set up a petition to try and convince Warner Bros & LP to release the MTM Bside 'No Roads Left' as a single. If you feel strongly for this cause, click the link here:

Good luck guys!

Busta Rhymes to join Projekt Revolution
Posted by Sean on 18 Apr 2008 05:28 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
According to,

"Rhymes will also join Linkin Park for several dates on their Projekt Revolution tour this Summer."

No news on what dates those will be. But stay tuned to LPFuse for the latest on this.


Thanks to for the information

LP Joins Busta Rhymes on Video Shoot for First Single
Posted by Energy on 15 Apr 2008 03:11 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Just heard this, thought you'd like to know:
Not only is multi-platinum two-time Grammy-winning rock band Linkin Park featured on the first single from acclaimed hip-hop innovator Busta Rhymes' new album, but the band 's co-lead vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda will also appear in the song's performance video. "We Made It," directed by Chris Robinson, will be shot in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 15.

The intriguing culture-mashing collaboration reflects the theme of "We
Made It." Says Rhymes of the song: "It ain't just about the 'hood, it ain't just about the suburbs, it's about everybody. This is one of those songs that can't be described better than touching the souls of the common people."

"We Made It," produced by Cool and Dre, with additional production by
Mike Shinoda, and its video will be released in May, prior to the debut of Rhymes' eighth studio album, Blessed (Flipmode/Aftermath/Interscope), on June 17.


Trials and tribulations of ebay
Posted by Energy on 12 Apr 2008 12:30 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
I get asked to put up a lot of ebay auctions on fuse, heck sometimes I've even been tempted to put up one or two of my own. However for once I'm gonna make an exception, unfortunately this isn't for a positive reason.

Since the HTEP original release there has always been some horrid people of the community who try to rip fans off. You can tell they're part of the community because they obviously try very hard to get the details correct. However they don't always add up...

Here is someone selling a fake plaster promo, yes plaster did come on a promo that looked similar, but this one is fake. Do not bid on it. It will only leave you with a cheap CD-R that probably has the mp3 or flac, that was released a few weeks ago. So i beg, don't bid, unless you want something that you could make at home for free: look but don't bid!

Remember though guys, it is possible the seller is unaware of what they're selling. It could be an easy mistake to make, so remember --

Buyers beware!

1,000,000 - Lying From You (Instrumental)
Posted by Energy on 09 Apr 2008 03:10 am
LPFuse icon
Wow, 1,000,000 *unique* visits, that's pretty cool. LPfuse has been going for quite a while now, and the visitor counter only appeared after a few years of the site being active. I look back at the past site (the old purple one) and cringe. I really do...

The site actually started in my first year of college, and it immediately got a few visitors due to me uploading a few rare tracks, like One Step Closer (Rock Mix). When I started to upload the MTV Reanimation Videos is when things started getting really busy.

Since then we've tried to provide you with news and exclusive media (even when I was working in Ethiopia for a charity for three months).Exclusive media has ranged from: OSC Rock Mix, Hybrid Theory Demos, Xero High quality recordings, Reanimation videos, Mike Ear Piece recording, Plaster, One Step Closer (Humble bros FM edit), a06 vs My Own Summer, Frgt/10 Live at Music For Relief, some grey daze demos , Ztrip & chester live, ZTrip Demo... plus random live shows. Most of which we've had to purchase cause some person were trying to make money off the back of LP. The idea of fuse has always been to promote LP, and allow the rare music to 'escape'. We're working on putting the whole archive back up soon so keep an eye open for that...

We'd thought we'd keep the tradition going with an exclusive track just for you guys, and to reupload an old one.

I'd also like to announce that after the failed podcast series (of only being able to release 2 out of the 3 podcasts), that we're bringing it back, new series, new format, and new intro music.

Also the fabled ???? is almost there. Promise. Though I don't want you guys too excited over it! lol. Also I'll add a forum as soon as uni is over (so expect it in may).

So with all that blab out the way: here I present 'Lying From You (Instrumental)'. The track was performed by Linkin Park live at a soundcheck in 2003. If you know the origin of this, then please keep quiet, just enjoy it. :) Also if your a fansite who plans to upload this, you must include credit to the site + a link to LPFuse as a bare minimum. There maybe benefits to doing this, which the LP Community will enjoy later. Promise ;)

Also reuploaded is LP performing A.06 vs My Own Summer, this time in 320kbps. This track has one of the most amazing screams I've ever heard Chester perform, if you've never heard it before, it'll send a shiver down your spine. If you have it already, update your collection with this better quality copy!

Without further delay:
Linkin Park - Lying From You (Instrumental Live) (320kbps MP3)

Linkin Park - A.06 vs My Own Summer (Live) (320kbps MP3)

Enjoy :)

Projekt Revolution Updates
Posted by Sean on 08 Apr 2008 03:35 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
New Projekt Revolution Promotional Video

Head on over to and check out the brand new promotional video featured on the main page!

Pre-Sale Extended!

Due to popular demand, more tickets have been made available for the Projekt Revolution presale and it has been extended to Tuesday, April 8 at 5pm (local time). Check out LP Underground and the other Projekt Revolution bands’ websites for more details on how to take advantage of no service fee presale tickets! Source

I'd like to take a quick second to introduce myself! I'm Sean the new guy! I've been in the LP Community for a while on Fort Minor forums and LPU by my old username HybridMeteora798. It's nice to be part of the LPFuse staff, and I’m thrilled to be here!

SOB Feat Mike Shinoda
Posted by Jon on 06 Apr 2008 11:12 pm
Styles of Beyond icon
Styles of Beyond
New track Check it outttt

Ticketmaster claim to know the LPJZ Line UP
Posted by Energy on 05 Apr 2008 12:19 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
Thanks to BlindReaper for letting me know this: It looks like Ticketmaster has listed an en-processo line up for the Milton Keynes LPJZ gig...

Linkin Park (visit),
Jay-Z (visit),
Pendulum (visit),
N*E*R*D (visit),
Enter Shikari (visit),
The Bravery (visit)


Have to say that just the idea of seeing Pendulum would be ace. Not a bad line up in my opinion. Then again tho, as long as LP & JZ turn up I'll be happy :)

Club Tattoo 2008
Posted by Energy on 05 Apr 2008 01:21 am
Dead By Sunrise icon
Dead By Sunrise
Once again, so close to my birthday, so if anyone wants to drag me over to the states for this I'm more than happy! Sounds amazing... pretty please? i'm only a poor student *sob*

If you're anywhere near the area this is a must see event!

Dublin date announced!
Posted by Jaxxy on 03 Apr 2008 06:44 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park
It's the day all you lovely Irish LP fans have been waiting for! LP have announced that they will be playing the RDS Arena in Dublin on June 22nd. They will be supported by Queens Of The Stone Age. I believe the last time they played Ireland was in 2003 with Metallica so it's about time they went back! I was there in 2003 and I hope to be there this time! Any excuse to go to Dublin! wink I can't wait!

Tickets go on sale on 9am on April 9th.

UPDATE! LPU presale starts 7th April at 9am!

News find on sound generator and

Projekt Revolution Acts...
Posted by Jaxxy on 03 Apr 2008 06:33 pm
Linkin Park icon
Linkin Park have reported that Chris Cornell, the Bravery and Ashes Divide (featuring A Perfect Circle's Billy Howerdel) will be joining them for this years Projekt Revolution, which starts on July 16 at the Tweeter Center outside Boston.

LPU members will have access to pre-sale tickets for the PR dates on April 4th. As an extra bonus for LPU members, Linkin Park will be paying the service charge for the pre-sale tickets. This saves you guys around $8-$11! Make sure to go to the LPUnderground tomorrow to get your pre-sale tickets!

Projekt Revolution will hit 24 US cities and will finish on August 24 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston.

You lucky people! smile

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